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Digital Marketing Agency helps to grow our Ottawa and Montreal clients’ businesses by developing responsible online marketing strategies that blend exceptional creative content with the appropriate channels.

Whether you are looking for guidance with strategy development, brand design, traditional media exposure, or digital marketing, we can help.

A little bit about Marketing Blendz

Our goal at Marketing Blendz is simple – help our clients grow their businesses by offering the best digital marketing services in Ottawa. Despite this singular purpose, our approach can be as diverse as the businesses we serve. Though we may walk many different paths, we know that we must always start at the beginning. And for us, that beginning is you, our client

Your Ottawa Digital Marketing Partner

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Our Approach

You know that you need to improve your marketing, but what does that look like for you?

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Responsible Marketing

Responsible Marketing – Sound good?

Digital Marketing is a creative discipline but it needs to be held accountable for results. Call us today to find out how we blend responsible internet marketing strategies with exceptional creative content and appropriate Ottawa online marketing channels.

Our Goal

Marketing is a fairly broad concept and different organizations implement their own marketing in different ways. Ultimately, the one constant across ALL initiatives is that Digital Marketing Ottawa is designed to get more people to buy more of your products or services more often. It is really that simple.

  • #1Get more people to buy our clients’s goods or services
  • #2Get people to buy more of our clients’s goods or services.
  • #3Get people to buy our clients’ goods and services more often.

Our field is rife with companies that work hard to make internet marketing seem to be more complicated than it really is. For us at Marketing Blendz, we work with only three goals in mind for our clients.

We take different paths to achieve those three goals, but really, it isn’t more complicated than that. Our clients appreciate the simplicity of our purpose and process. They have come to expect reports that they can understand at first glance and updates that make sense. Our clients understand everything that we do. There are no black boxes, no convoluted Digital Marketing terms or obscure reports that are impossible to read. Simple Ottawa online marketing that is results driven – that’s it.

So what kind of internet marketing does Marketing Blendz actually do? We have a diverse set of tools in our bag to meet the needs of our clients and we will explore those tools in different areas of the site. But to give you a sense of what it is that we do, here are some common services that we offer:

Our Approach

Are You Ready For Some Responsible Marketing?

We Can Help!

Don’t Take Our Word…

Strategy Development

This service can range from a detailed Ottawa online marketing strategy report to a number of items and goals jotted down on a pad. The form itself isn’t quite as important as the fact that it is done. Often, the approach taken will be determined by the size of the campaign. Notwithstanding, every business needs to have a clear understanding of what they are trying to achieve with their marketing initiatives. To that end, they need to have a strategy in place. We help our clients with that.

Strategy Development
Traditional Design

Traditional Design

We hesitate to use the word traditional when discussing digital marketing in Ottawa since there is a negative connotation with it, but it is great at describing certain services and it does not take anything away from their efficiency or importance. In traditional design services, we include things like brand development, on-site marketing materials, sign design, paper advertisements, display ads, etc. Realistically, anything that isn’t digital can be put in this category and we have helped clients put their best foot forward in their ads and places of business.

Informational Website Design

We break out website design into informational and custom because there is an important distinction that needs to be made with respect to the functionality that needs to be in place in each of those categories. If you are creating a space where your prospective clients can interact with you online and get to know about your products or services, this is most likely an informational type of site. We have helped countless business with this and design with client engagement in mind. We want prospective clients to not only get the information that they were looking for but to also take the next step and reach out to your business for more information. We design websites with purpose.

Strategy Development
Traditional Design

Custom Web Development

Although this is also website design, this category is separate because custom sites often offer visitors some feature or service that you couldn’t fit into a traditional, informational site. Perhaps you are looking to display or sell products or allow for communities to share information or even have content creators post content into a magazine style display. All of those functions require a little bit of creativity and our web development team has the skillset and the experience to help you out.

Digital Marketing

This is a broad area of marketing and we use it loosely here to categorize some forms of marketing that share the fact that they take place in the digital space. We have worked with clients on getting their message out through a variety of platforms that include Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google Display Network, and others. We work with our clients to assess the goal of the campaign and the target audience that would be most receptive to the message and then devise a campaign that will yield the best results.

This is the paid side of digital visibility. Using different platforms such as Google Ads to get your company site or ad in front of people that would consider using your platform or service. This has two different functions – starting up campaigns or complementing existing organic campaigns.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This is a BIG ONE! We are approached frequently by companies that want to get more business from their website. They don’t know how to get more calls from their site but they know that they should be getting more passive leads from their online investment. Search Engine Optimization is one such way to achieve that goal. In a nutshell, SEO is a service that helps Google (I pick on Google since it is the most popular search engine but we help with all of the platforms that include Yahoo and Bing) better understand what your company does and what people would find your offerings to be of interest. Once Google understands that, it starts to show your company website to people that they think will find it to be helpful. Once you are visible on the search engines, the people visiting your site will not only be people that know you as ABC vacuums in Ottawa but people that put in “vacuum cleaner stores in Ottawa” in the search bar. Your audience has just increased exponentially!

Transform Your Online Presence Into A Lead-generating Machine

Uncover new customers, drive more leads, and generate more sales. Utilize Marketing Blendz a Digital Marketing Agency in Ottawa that helps you use Ottawa online marketing services to gain new clients. These tools are designed to promote yourself and your business in the most effective ways possible. With our marketing/pr tools, you will be able to quickly identify which opportunities hold the potential to germinate your business or personal brand into a lead-generating machine.

The benefits of utilizing our platforms are easy to see. Almost immediately, these tools will boost your visibility and prospects. In addition, they will impact you with countless other benefits that can be seen through Google Analytics, AdWords, and other similar platforms. Not only will you see the results quickly, but by using the correct tools, you will be able to follow what content is working the best to target your specific audience.

Achieve Measurable Results With Targeted Digital Marketing Services

At Marketing Blendz a marketing agency in Ottawa, we know that good marketing is about more than just putting information in front of people. It’s also about having the right strategy to reach them. That’s why we partner with companies to develop a digital marketing strategy tailored to meet their business’s specific needs. We use data-driven methods and cutting-edge technology to help our clients succeed online. With our skilled team of marketers, designers, web developers, content writers, and social media experts by your side, you can be confident that we’ll get results.

Our data-driven digital marketing services can help you reach your audience and achieve the results you are looking for. Our Ottawa Marketing Agency focuses on keyword research, competitive analysis, and trending news allowing us to deliver campaigns that are not only highly targeted but also timely. By leveraging the power of advanced targeting through social media ads, pay-per-click campaigns, and search engine optimization, we’re able to deliver the best results for our clients every day.

What Is The Most Effective Way To Market Online?

First, let’s define effective as: “the maximum effect using the minimum amount of resources.” So, what is the most effective way to market online? Marketing online is tricky because there are so many places you can go and so many ways to get your message out. So, the question becomes, how do you know that what you’re doing is actually working to help your business grow?

The most effective way to market online is to develop a marketing strategy that attracts people to your site. Learn how to promote your content and gain followers through search engine optimization (SEO), social media, email marketing, and more. If you’re new to marketing or have been doing it for a while (but aren’t seeing results) and are unsure what to do next, Marketing Blendz a digital marketing company in Ottawa is here to help.

What Does A Top Internet Marketing Agency Ottawa Do?

Whether you are an established business or just starting, investing in digital marketing is a smart move that can seriously help your business grow and thrive. A digital marketing company manages your online reputation through various online marketing strategies and techniques. This includes search engine optimization (SEO), social media strategy and management, content marketing, website design and development, and many other forms of e-marketing that can boost brand awareness, lead generation, and enable sales.

How Does Digital Marketing Boost Company Profits?

Companies that execute digital marketing strategies effectively can increase their profits substantially using the internet and online tools. Digital marketing services Ottawa optimizes your online business channels for engagements and repeat customer activity, revenue maximization, building brand awareness, and achieving brand loyalty. Digital marketing Ottawa, also known as internet marketing, uses the power of the internet to help accelerate your business growth effectively. This type of marketing allows you to increase your reach, engage with your customers, build trust with your followers, and increase sales. As a digital marketing agency, we offer a range of services, including SEO (search engine optimization) and a customer engagement platform, to support you in achieving these goals.

Frequently Asked Questions About Digital Marketing

Online marketing Ottawa is a broad field that encompasses all your company’s online marketing initiatives. The main components of digital marketing include Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Email Marketing, and Pay-Per-Click Campaigns.

At Marketing Blendz, we will help you implement digital marketing initiatives across all major platforms. We offer complete marketing services so you can focus on what you do best.

Ottawa online marketing can be defined as digital channels to promote or market products and services to consumers and businesses. The main benefit of digital marketing is that a target audience can be reached cost-effectively and measurably. With the help of digital marketing, you can promote your business online so that it will be able to catch huge traffic. Various business organizations use digital marketing to reach out to their target customers with ease.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results. It helps your website rank higher on user searches of keyword phrases in Google, Bing, and other major search engines.

A social media strategy by Marketing Firm Ottawa can help you explore new audiences, build deeper relationships with your existing customers, increase engagement, and foster loyalty. Once you have identified your goals, we will need to assess which networks your target audience uses. Once analyzed, we will outline a custom social media strategy for your business that aligns with your overall marketing and business objectives.

Determining your campaign goals and strategic approach takes experience and understanding. Before you begin, consider what you want to achieve. Are you primarily trying to increase your sales? Drive engagement on your website? Improve awareness of your brand? All the above? Deciding on a digital marketing strategy can be complex and overwhelming. Our Ottawa Marketing Agency brings together years of experience and expertise in all areas of digital marketing, from branding and paid media to customer loyalty and social engagement, ensuring your marketing campaigns are a success we are one of the go-to Marketing companies in Ottawa.

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Marcel GazalMarcel Gazal
17:12 22 Mar 23
A great resource to our small business. Helped us with web design, google biz profile and google ads. All essentials to be successful.
Evgeni MikhaltchoukEvgeni Mikhaltchouk
16:37 09 Mar 23
Great service. Dealing with them for many years. Quick responding and always ready to help with any issue.
Ryan BurnsRyan Burns
01:28 16 Dec 22
I have been working with Marketing Blendz for nearly a year now. All my requests are answered efficiently and with a very high attention to detail. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to take their business to the next level.
Andrew KovarAndrew Kovar
18:50 28 Nov 22
I have been working with Marketing Blendz for the past year on my business website as well as a few of clay clients sites. They have always provided top tier service and all of my clients are very impressed with the return in leads they generate. Thanks again for the amazing service!
Truth Hunter55Truth Hunter55
16:58 14 Jan 21
The people at Marketing Blendz are top Professionnals. Thank you Sarah for your excellent service!
Michael ShapiroMichael Shapiro
19:58 12 Jan 21
Marketing Blenz help tremendously when I migrated my domain from Google to Office this year. Thanks very much!
Frank Branker SRFrank Branker SR
14:40 02 Apr 20
I had the pleasure of speaking with Filip about his website company, “Marketing Blendz.” I found him to be polite and knowledgeable, as he took the time to explain his operation. We at BusinessNap are pleased to add his company to our directory listing website

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