5 Reasons Your Website Has A High Bounce Rate

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Keeping visitors engaged on a website is definitely your first goal if you are running an online business. Of course, more time spent by people on your website has more chances of you securing a sale. However, not every person will stay on your website as per your wishes.

Some visitors might not even stay on your website. They may decide to move over to another website before getting to the second page even. This is the action that we refer to as bouncing, which is essentially the opposite of what we expect from visitors.

A high bounce rate signifies that more people leave your website right after the first page. It is a huge problem not only for your website but also for the business as a whole. To take care of this, you need to avail the services of good Ottawa web design companies.

We Give You 5 Reasons Why Your Website May Be Having A Usually High Bounce Rate

1. A Very Slow Load Time

People who use the Internet today are impatient. They do not want to waste their time by just waiting for a site to load. And with so many options available for people, it does not take more than 3 to 4 seconds before a visitor decides to switch over to another website.

To put it mildly, if your website fails to load soon enough you will be hosting a significantly higher bounce rate.

2. Inappropriate Titles And Summaries

Whenever someone runs a search on Google, they are flooded with a number of results with page titles and a summary of what will be found on the page. If the page title and summary are very basic, users may think to click and visit the page.

But if the website is not at all relevant according to the need of the visitors, they will quickly close your site and go away. Descriptive and informative titles and Meta descriptions will bring you the right sort of people visiting your site. If your website titles and description are not relevant then you should hire Ottawa SEO Company to optimize your website.

3. Bad And Irrelevant Referral Links

This point is more like an extension of the last point. If the other website links on your page are misleading or not relevant then the damage will be a lot harsher.

Visitors on a referral site may click the link of your website. They may then realize that coming over to your website was pointless and they will bounce away then. Ottawa web design companies take a lot of care while using such referral links.

4. Bad Content

There are no simpler words. Poorly created content that does not have any point will further make it pointless for visitors to stay on your website in the first place. The ideal content should be able to engage people in such a way that they find it irresistible to visit and stay there on your site page by page.

Not just good content, but this content should also be promoted in a way that is different than players with a lot of similar content on their business websites.

5. A User Interface That Is Plainly Poor

There are a number of promising sites on the web, but what separates the good sites from the bad ones is the user interface. If you have a site that has the potential to offer a lot but suffers from a clunky interface, you are wrong to assume that people will stay on your site despite some feasible content.

A generic and clean layout of your website through a great company that deals in website development in Ottawa will definitely be helping you out as an online business entity.

These are some of the many reasons why your website may be having a pretty high bounce rate. The moment you get the reason marked, it is advisable to work towards making it right in the quickest time possible.

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