Top 8 Signs Why You Need a Website Redesign

Top 8 Signs Why You Need a Website Redesign

Websites are not something that you build once and then never touch again. Websites are intended to be living units that grow along with your business. Your website should be updated and maintained regularly. The aesthetic, feel and function should change as needed to keep up with technological advances, search engine changes and users’ needs. At the same time, undergoing a website redesign can be expensive and time-consuming. Knowing the signs that you need a website redesign can help you decide whether to invest in it or not.

Below Are 8 Signs That Your Website Needs An Upgrade

1. Slow load time: You risk losing half of your potential clients if your website takes a long time to load. Website users tend to abandon a web page if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Although you may not need a complete overhaul, something is definitely wrong.

2. Poor search engine rankings: Search engine rankings matter because they affect how many people see your website and click through to your landing page. If your website is ranking poorly for a number of keywords, it may need a redesign. A website redesign can bring in new life into your Ottawa SEO by addressing issues like lack of landing pages, poor keyword optimization, and a static design.

3. Lack of mobile responsiveness: With the increase in the use of smart mobile devices, it has become essential that your website is adeptly responsive and mobile-friendly to keep with the trend. Your website must provide an optimal user experience on every possible device. If your customers are having trouble loading your website on the latest gadget, you need to do something about it.

4. High bounce rate: A bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who come to your site but leave without visiting any other pages. A high bounce rate is something all businesses should take seriously. An overhaul of the Ottawa Web Design can help attract customers in and keep them longer. The longer they stay on your site, the more likely are they to contact you.

5. Looks outdated: Sometimes, looks do matter. While it is important that your website functions seamlessly, it also needs to look fresh and modern. Although this is rather subjective, decreasing analytics and poor SEO rankings can be definite indicators. In addition, if you have not undergone a redesign in the last few years, you surely are due for one now.

6. Difficult navigation: Similar effects as that of the load time; customers want to be able to find what they are looking for quickly. They will grow impatient and leave if it takes them more than a few minutes to find the page they want. This is a definite sign that you need to redesign the website to be more user-friendly.

7. Low conversion rates: Several different aspects can cause a low conversion rate on your website. Poor design or outdated information makes it difficult for visitors to find what they need on your website. A good website redesign will make your website visually appealing to your customers and also improve the user experience.

8. Ignores social media: Having a presence on social media is essential in today’s times. It is a great way to build a relationship and keep in touch with your customers as well as promote your business. It is as simple as integrating your social media links in your site. This way, the customers know exactly where to find you.

As technology evolves and our lives become even more connected to the internet, without a functioning and appealing website, you are bound to lose potential customers. Make the most of it by keeping it updated and easy to use. Some of the above problems can be easily fixed by any web development company. However, if you find that your problems are increasing, a website redesign might be just what you need. There are many Web Development Companies in Ottawa that can help you with this. Ultimately, an effective website is crucial to the success of your business.

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