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About The Company - Marketing Blendz

Our goal at Marketing Blendz is simple – help our clients grow their businesses. Despite this singular purpose, our approach can be as diverse as the businesses we serve. Though we may walk many different paths, we know that we must always start at the beginning. And for us, that beginning is you, our client. In order to properly market your business, we must first understand it. Once we have a firm grasp of the business and its goals, we help create the responsible strategy that blends exceptional creative content with the appropriate channels – ensuring a successful campaign that meets its objectives.

Meet the Team

Filip Bartos - Marketing Director

Filip B

Marketing Director

I am one of those lucky few that get to do something that he really loves. I have always been fascinated with the idea of marketing and hoped that I would one day be able to help companies in different industries, faced with different realities, get their message out to the world. Today, I get to do that.

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Sarah Christensen - Project Manager

Sarah C

Project Manager

Having graduated from John Abbott College with a degree in Publication Design and Hypermedia Technology, I started my career working almost exclusively with web design. After developing my experience collaborating with clients, I began to move towards project management.

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Jason Mackey - Head Programmer

Jason M

Head Programmer

Allow me to introduce myself; I am Jason Mackey the head programmer at Marketing Blendz. When you choose to have us develop and nurture your company’s website into something intriguing and attractive, I will be the one making sure everything functions so that a user’s interaction with the site is a smooth one.

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Lyndsey Dascal - Graphic Designer

Lyndsey D

Graphic Designer

I studied art and design for five years prior to joining the Marketing Blendz team as the graphic and web designer. I took two years in Visual Arts at Dawson College, where I received my first DEC. My second DEC was achieved at John Abbott College in their Publication Design and Hypermedia Technology program.

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