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Five User Behavior Principles To Improve Your Website Design

5 User Behavior Principles To Improve Your Website Design

Nothing is more irritating than landing yourself on a website which is complicated, is very cluttered and is really difficult to navigate. If you are getting a website developed, you should take care that your company of website development in Ottawa create a website that is as user friendly as possible.

It is important to understand that if people find your website frustrating in its use, they are never going to return again. Your website should be user friendly in order to ensure that visitors get back on your website again and again. It is quite simple that if people do not get a good experience on your website, the motive of a website gets diluted in the first place.

We bring you some of the user behaviour principles which you can check out to improve the design of your website.

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Ottawa web design companies understand that great websites are customer-oriented. It means that the only purpose of a website must be to solve the problems of its visitors quickly. Their experience too should be a pleasant one, and not difficult.

Always remember that user friendly websites lead to increased sales. You should never compromise the ease of your website with too much of added functions.


A customer visits your website for a solution to his queries or problems. Nothing will irritate customers more than finding a pop-up the moment your website opens up. Pop-ups have been a traditional way for pushing sales but they need to get in line with changing trends and killed off.

Even if it is absolutely necessary to include a pop-up, you should get it done in a way that it does not take away the entire attention of the customer.


Most of us have been taught to start reading from the top left edge everywhere. This corner is the perfect place where you can get the logo of your brand. Let customers know about your brand the moment they land on your page. This will make it easy for them to associate the content they follow with the context of your brand.

Your logo should also link back to your homepage. A quick way to get back to the start is very important from a visitor’s perspective.


This is a very vital tip for your website development in Ottawa. The visitors to your website should have an exact knowledge of where they are, while you need to be sure of where you want them to head next. All of it depends on good navigation, both through menu and internal links as well.

Not only this, the Call to Action links are also very important on every page. While they should not be too pushy, they should stay a little different from the content.


Spelling errors, server problems and broken links- these are some errors which you cannot let your audience become aware of on your website. You should go ahead only after a lot of testing with some enthusiastic customer sample. User testing is very important to ensure a great, user-friendly website.

Keeping such principles in your mind will help you get an amazing website design without too much trouble.

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