Marketing Strategy Development & Planning Ottawa

Our goal at Marketing Blendz is simple – help our clients grow their businesses.

Marketing Strategy Development In Ottawa, ON

People influence people. Content-based marketing gets circulated among most of the social media channels. The best way to create a buzz about your product or service is by improving your online visibility and increasing the word-of-mouth mentions. Marketing Blendz is a full-service marketing company providing expert advice and services in all aspects of digital marketing, social media marketing, and search engine optimization. Your best partner in online marketing, we pride ourselves in our most ethical and fully integrated Ottawa SEO techniques helping clients to increase search traffic and ROI.

Promote Online Visibility Because Attention Is the Currency

Being an influencer in your industry and building your network through content is not an easy job. Every minute, people send around 150,000 emails, publish 1400 new blog posts, upload a total of 500 hours of video to YouTube, or share about 4 million pieces of content over Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram.

If you’re looking for a marketing strategy, to make sure that your brand stands-out with great content, Marketing Blendz is here to help! Marketing Blendz was born digital and has been a leading purveyor of Marketing Strategy Development in Ottawa. From constantly uploading quality content on leading social media platforms to engaging with your audience and growing your followers list, we’ve got you covered!

All-in-one Strategic and Creative Marketing Services

In this fast-paced era of AI, machine learning, and intense social interactions, marketing & advertisement of your brand require a full-service support from a digitally fast, data-driven, and outcome-focused agency like the Marketing Blendz. Our expert team of digital marketers turns data into marketing insight and the insight into measurable revenue-generating marketing. Create consistent visibility so that your clients can access you with the best marketing strategy development agency in Ottawa.

We Take Pride in Our Proficiency in the Following Services:

  • Digital Marketing Consultation and Strategy,
  • Search Engine Optimization,
  • Search Engine Marketing or PPC,
  • Social Media Marketing,
  • Traditional marketing, content marketing, link building,
  • Branding,
  • Digital Asset Development & Promotion,
  • Website launches and Redesign,
  • Online Reputation Management,
  • Conversion Optimization.

Many marketing campaigns start off without a clearly defined destination, let alone a roadmap as to how to get there. Although many of our engagements are brought on with a specific project in mind, we always start with one simple question – why?

This question allows us to take a step back and think of what we are trying to achieve before we put “pen to paper”. Our assistance with strategy development ranges in scope from determining the best way of executing a single direct mail piece right through to the best way of launching a new company.

Whatever the project, it has been our experience that it is best to develop a roadmap with measurable parameters for success before investing dollars into any marketing initiative.

Once the strategy is agreed upon and the tools to achieve the desired results are selected, we work with our clients in one of two ways:

  • Traditional à la carte
  • All-you-can-eat

Our Approach to Marketing Strategy Development

The traditional approach is project-based. We set a clear mandate, define the projects and complete the task at hand.

The all-you-can-eat approach is different. We sit down with our client, set the mandate, and then offer unlimited access to the full complement of our services at a fixed monthly rate. We execute the design, copywriting, programming, media planning… everything at a fixed cost. This gives our clients that pursue this type of agreement the opportunity to experiment and adjust their campaigns more freely than with a project-based approach. For companies that have continuous marketing requirements, this approach has proven to be significantly advantageous