Our Team’s Expertise

Our goal at Marketing Blendz is simple – help our clients grow their businesses.

Marketing Blendz Team’s Expertise

We have built a team with areas of expertise, experience, and interests as diverse as the clients that we serve. The connecting thread between the programming, design and analytically driven team members is an unwavering commitment to several core marketing principles. Our work affects the well-being of businesses and so we must take care to develop code that works as it should, a design that clearly communicates the right message, and reporting that accurately reflects the effectiveness of the campaigns that we are running.

Marketing by its very nature requires a diverse set of skill sets. Assembling our team has been a critical step in being able to offer the appropriate “marketing mix”. Getting everyone with their diverse areas of expertise and experience to work towards a shared goal has been a testament to the exceptional quality of everyone on our team – just ask our clients.

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