Common Types of SEO Services Offered By Marketing Agencies

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In the present online market, every one of us wants to be ahead of others. And when it comes to search results, getting to the first page results means getting more customers. And in order to achieve that, you need to hire an expert SEO company in Ottawa. They will not just post search engine ads for you or run paid campaigns, but offer you a lot more services to improve the overall performance of your website in different search engines.

The 6 Most Common Types of SEO Services

1) Technical SEO (Website Optimization And Restructuring)

The first step towards SEO optimization is to get get a technical audit of your website. This may include various performance matrices such as your website’s code efficiency, page-load time, mobile devices compatibility, security certificates (SSL/HTTPS). Depending upon the results of this audit, your SEO provider may suggest website optimization and restructuring to enhance your website’s overall performance.

2) On-Page SEO

This includes the optimization of different elements of your webpage that are visible to the visitors. Most of the professional SEO services in Ottawa know how to enhance your web page content to boost your search engine ranking.

-> To make the search engine understand the semantic meaning of your page, your meta description and meta title should be well planned, focusing on your keywords.

-> Your webpage should follow an intuitive structure, including proper headings/headers to organize the content properly.

-> Your webpage should include quality content, including engaging text and multimedia, presented in an appealing layout. This is necessary to reduce the bounce rate of your website, to improve the usage metrics.

3) Off-Page SEO

This type of SEO includes the implementation of optimization elements outside your webpage.

-> Using social media platforms to increase awareness for our brand/organization and attract more traffic from such channels.

-> One of the core algorithms to improve search engine rankings is an effective implementation of quality backlinks to your site.

4) Search Engine Marketing

This helps to increase your brand awareness and website traffic, which gradually leads to high conversion rates and increased revenue. This includes both organic SEO as well as paid marketing to help boost your website’s ranking on different search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

5) Online Reputation Management

A big ratio of users relies on online reviews before going for any service, product, or company. Reputation management services offered by your SEO services company in Ottawa can be helpful in promoting positive reviews while mitigating the negative ones.

6) Local SEO

Besides the generic SEO, a professional SEO agency would suggest you look for local SEO as well. It is the practice of improving your rankings for the ‘local-pack’ results, the 3 local listings along with the map results as shown by Google.

With so many grounds to cover, you need an experienced agency to help with your SEO requirements. We have the finest of Ottawa SEO experts in our team who are dedicated to bringing your website to the top ranking and helping your business achieve the growth you aim for. Contact our experts today and book your free SEO audit to get started with your SEO needs.

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