What Is PPC And Why Does My Business Need It?

The very aim of online marketing services in Ottawa and elsewhere is to reach your targeted audience. Among several other digital marketing techniques, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) management can help you with your company’s marketing strategy. It is much faster than the normal SEO techniques but costs you some extra bucks. You might have seen such campaigns already, but maybe not know exactly what it was.

What Is PPC?

Unlike organic SEO, PPC is a paid marketing campaign to help you gain more visitors to your website. This type of marketing model involves advertisers paying a certain amount for each customer that clicks on the advertisement. One such type of PPC includes search engine advertisements, where your ad is placed as a sponsored link on the top results page of different search engines. For instance, if you search for “buy furniture”, you will receive regular search results along with a few sponsored listings at the top of the results, marked by the tag ‘Ad’. These are nothing but paid ads that come under PPC. And when you click on these links, the fixed amount is charged from the advertisers’ campaign pool.

Your Business Needs PPC

PPC is an online marketing strategy that offers quick and effective results. Along with providing you the flexibility to control your campaign.

1) Direct Response Marketing

If your firm is concerned with certain call-to-action-based businesses, such as registering for your services, requesting an appointment, purchasing your products online, information filing requests, or downloading, PPC is the quickest way to get started. While your campaign brings results, you can track those results for yourself. The agency looking after your PPC management services in Ottawa can also help you with different statistics available for a particular campaign, such as conversion rate, CTR (Click Through Rate), and CPC (Cost Per Click), so that you can look deeply into its effectiveness and plan your next big move accordingly.

2) Targeted Campaign

With a dedicated Ottawa digital marketing agency by your side, you can get the most out of your PPC campaigns. You can plan your ads to target specific audience groups and narrow them on the basis of their age, gender, location, preferences, the device used, or any other such deciding factors. This will restrict your ads to potential customers only and deliver you promising end results, hence increasing your overall ROI.

3) Location Based Options

Certain businesses operate only in particular locations and you do not want your hard-earned money to be wasted on showing ads to unserviceable areas. You can easily control your PPC campaign based on your desired geographical location. You can select particular states, cities, and even zip-codes to run your ads only in those areas where you want to deliver your products or services. For instance, if your business is based in Ottawa, you can go specifically for online marketing in Ottawa.

If you are looking to hire someone to help you with your PPC campaign management in Ottawa, you can consider working with the experienced team at Marketing Blendz. We cater to satisfaction along with promising results. Call us today to get started with your PPC and other digital marketing needs.

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