Coffee Cup

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Want something amazing and unique to show off to the competition? We've got everything you could possibly need. Our unique design experience can provide you with a distinct final product that will leave a lasting memory in the minds of your worst enemies and more importantly your clients. We work closely with you to make sure your vision is met, and that you're always happy. We love going outside the box so don't worry if your vision is too crazy, we'll be able to accommodate anything you

could imagine. Not only do we provide you with professional high-quality designs; we work closely with our printers to ensure the final printed project is everything you visualized. By working with printers that we know and trust we can get you the high-quality printing that you want at a price that will meet your budget. From small runs of 100 to huge runs of 20,000 we know how to handle print, so you can rest assured your project will always be perfect. 


Something colourful, bright and informative could be just the thing you need to get new clients through your doors. Brochures are the perfect mixture of information and graphics, that your clients can take home with them and enjoy at their leisure. We can work with you to write content and come up with creative designs that reflect your business. 

Printing options

Business Cards

Say a lot about your business on a small piece of paper. Business cards are the identity of your company and how you remind people that you exist. Marketing Blendz makes sure your business cards stand out with inspired designs that reflect you and your company perfectly.

Printing options


Want something a little more memorable than a business card? Mugs might be the perfect solution for you. These bad boys sit on clients desks at work, in the sink full of dishes and are even taken home and served to friends and family at the dinner table. Imagine the viability of one simple coffee cup, with your brand identity all over it. 


Product Catalogues

Product catalogues can be large, complicated, and intimidating. But we try and make it as simple as possible, by communicating directly with your printer and doing all the heavy lifting. Taking a creative licence of your product will give you an amazing centerpiece at any tradeshows or client meetings. 


T-shirts and Jerseys

Want to look like a team? We can make sure that you have some cool kick a** shirts while you're on the field or even in the office. We can provide a wide variety of shirt styles and cuts. From hockey jerseys to regular t-shirts and even dress shirts and polos.


Restaurant Menus

Menus need to captivate the reader and convey the overall vibe of the restaurant they're eating at. Creating something unique and memorable for your restaurant can be the most important part of your small business, and we understand that. We can work closely with you and your chef to create something that reflects your dining experience perfectly.


Outdoor Media

From Curbex signs to large in the sky billboards, we've had experience with it all and can help you navigate some of the complications that come with large format media. We will work closely with you and the printers to make sure each and every billboard or street sign is absolutely perfect and conveys a strong message within seconds.


Branding Packages

Creating a brand for your business is the most important part. Without a solid brand and logo, your company has no identity. We love to be creative and think outside the box when it comes to creating a fresh branding package. Working closely with the client we can create the perfect logo and branding elements that embody you and your brand seamlessly.



Leave something with your client that they can use every day. Beautiful pens can leave a lasting memory of your brand in your client's mind. It's something they carry around with them everywhere, something they use every day at work, or even better something they give their clients to use. The amount of visibility a regular pen gets can be massive, don't miss out on a great opportunity to put your brand in everyone's hands.


Trade Show Materials

We can make sure your trade show is a great success with some simple materials that stand out in a crowd of people. From standing banners to unique custom made business cards, and even large format backdrops we can create and print everything that you'll need to create an amazing tradeshow booth.