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Our Services - Marketing Blendz

We offer a wide range of services to help address the marketing needs of our clients. Marketing planning and strategy development is the starting point of many of our engagements. From there, we help execute on branding, traditional print strategies, media planning, web development and search engine optimization.

Marketing Strategy Development

Many marketing campaigns start off without a clearly defined destination, let alone a roadmap as to how to get there. Although many of our engagements are brought on with a specific project in mind, we always start with one simple question – why?

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Web Development

From small informational sites to large, fully customized sites that integrate elements such as e-commerce, database management or newsletter distribution, we have created packages that address the needs of our clients while fitting into their budgets – whatever that may be.

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Platform Bridging

The days of having individual platforms working in distinct silos that do not communicate are coming to a close. Although the ability to communicate between platforms (ex. ERP to e-commerce site) has been available for many years, it has been traditionally cost-prohibitive for many smaller companies.

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Design Services

We have helped many clients with their design needs. From comprehensive projects that build a corporate identity and all of the accompanying marketing materials that a company needs for launch, to small pamphlet or direct mail pieces, we enjoy the creative process that is involved in working with some of the more traditional marketing mediums.

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Search Engine Optimization

Having an impressive website with truly engaging content is only half of the equation. The other, equally important part of that equation is getting people to visit your site.

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Pay Per Click Campaigns

Similarly to Search Engine Optimization, the goal with Pay Per Click (PPC) is to generate visibility and traffic for your site. The technique for achieving this result is however, completely different.

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